GiGi's Playhouse Indianapolis


Every step matters, because every life matters! Who or what will you step for?

Please help us support GiGi's Playhouse Indianapolis by donating to our team page, joining our team, and by spreading our message of acceptance to your friends!

Every step WE take, and every dollar WE raise will say “We can and will accept you as you are!” Now 
lets get steppin!   

People who are different don’t get to shed that “differentness” at the end of the day. They struggle constantly for acceptance. GiGi’s has a vision of a world—not that far away—that is accepting of everyone. All our differences, all our “otherness,” and all our unique abilities will be accepted and encouraged. That’s what we’re really working toward. We call it Generation G because it’s about global acceptance for all.  

GiGi’s Playhouse offers FREE therapeutic and educational programs to help individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community be the best they can be! Help us spread their message of acceptance for ALL!!   


GiGi's Playhouse Indianapolis