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Step To Accept 2020

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Thank you to the 71,595+ individuals Stepping to Accept in our Strava Challenge.

Join us there.

Congratulations! You are one step closer to helping us change the world! Next, you need to register, step and spread the message  with your friends! What better way to keep off the quarantine 15 while committing to help others  and challenging your friends, family and  co-workers  to do the same?  

TOGETHER we will be making history as 60  GiGi’s  Playhouse locations and startups unite on June 6th to take 7 million  Steps  to Accept  across America. With your help  we  can  reach our goal of 50 million steps for Global Acceptance  and Step to Accept  across the world! 

Every step you take, and every dollar you raise, will say “I can and will accept you as you are!” Now let’s get steppin!

The  GiGi’s  Playhouse network of 60 locations and startups was hit hard with the cancellation of over 50  GiGi’s  events due to Covid19.   On top of that we had to suspend  4,400  hours a week  of FREE therapeutic and educational programs to our families.  Our families and playhouses were devastated, but  GiGi’s  bounced back.   

Within days of shutdown the GiGi’s team launched GiGi’s at Home Virtual Programming. The site now offers nearly 100 LIVE and On Demand programs, plus lesson plans, resources and support. We are serving families where they are today, in their homes.

Please help us with our mission to change the way the world sees Down syndrome and send a Global mission of acceptance for all!

Every step  matters  because every life matters. Who or what will you step for?

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Starts at:  June 6, 2020 11:00 AM
Ends at:  June 7, 2020 12:00 AM




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