P4P! - Pups (Pets) 4 the Playhouse!

About P4P! - Pups (Pets) 4 the Playhouse!

So... I'm not gonna lie... life can be confusing sometimes.  As a dog, I know it's part of my job to be patient while my humans try hard to figure things out.  But last night, I heard my mom and dad talking about how some human people don't accept other humans just because they are different than them.  My mom was really sad.  I don't understand.  Why would you refuse to accept someone just because they were born with different abilities than you, or because they are a different color, or because they are a different religion?  That doesn't make any sense!  Heck... I'm three colors and mom said that makes me very handsome!  I don't judge anyone -- not even cats. (Shhh! Don't tell anyone!)  Why do humans have to judge each other so much?  Silly humans!

Join the P4P (Pup… or Pets… 4 the Playhouse) MOVEment for Acceptance!

Soooo... What can I do to make it better?  I tried laying my head in mom's lap and giving her my best puppy dog eyes.  That was good, but not enough.  There's this thing called the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge.  It's a MOVEment for Acceptance and my mom is really excited about it!  I know that if enough of us do something little, it will make a big difference.  So, just ask your human to take you for a walk... that's movement, right?  If you are a cat or a ferret or a hamster and you don't "do walks," just get them to play with you... be creative!  Then, ask your human to donate $10 through this GFAC Community Event Page to support GiGi's Playhouse Rockford and all their amazing participants who fight for acceptance every day!  Then, have them send their favorite picture of you to rockford@gigisplayhouse.org.

Every Friday between March 21st and June 5th, pictures of our newest P4P members will be shown on GiGi’s Playhouse Rockford’s Facebook page. 

When my mom sees all our pictures in support of acceptance, I know it will make her smile... and it will definitely make the participants at the Rockford Playhouse smile!  Let's do this!  #UnconditionalAcceptance