Tinley Park GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge 2021

About Tinley Park GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge 2021

The GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge is a physical and social movement for acceptance!

We live in a world where people constantly judge and discriminate against one another. This event challenges people to actively move for the change that we so desperately need! Any type of physical movement can be used as your pledge to help in creating a more accepting world. You can walk, run, jump, swim, ride, lift, play a sport, go to the gym, and more! You can register to participate in any of the GiGi’s Playhouse organized events, or you can register your own event in support of any of our Playhouse locations!

Our Goal:

In an effort to make the world a more accepting place for individuals of all abilities, on June 5th, GiGi’s Playhouse is aiming to unite 1 Million supporters in a physical and social MOVEment for Acceptance! Are you up for the challenge?

Top off your GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge with some essential fitness gear from our raffle! Choose from 3 sporty raffle prizes! Winners will be pulled on June 3rd with pickup available on June 4th. 100% of raffle ticket sales help us to provide FREE programs and services. Thank you for your support!