Fargo GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge 2021

About Fargo GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge 2021

GiGi’s Playhouse in Fargo is one of 51 Down Syndrome Achievement Centers in the United States and Mexico providing educational enrichment opportunities for individuals of all ages with Down syndrome. 

GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo annual Walk & Fest will be hosting a kick-off to the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge for individuals with Down syndrome and immediate family only (up to 5 people) on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 10:00 am. All families must be pre-registered to attend the kick-off event. After the kick-off event we encourage your team to get together and walk for ACCEPTANCE at a location of your choice! The kick-off event will be livestreamed on social media platforms.  

Our goal is to unite one million supporters in honor of the incredible Down syndrome community and encourage everyone to say, “We can and will accept you as you are!” Discrimination of differences continues today despite our best efforts. Our work is not done. 

MOVE for your health and MOVE for global acceptance for all on June 5, 2021! You can walk, run, lift, play, swim – whatever you choose – just get out and MOVE! 

We invite you to join GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo as a participant, donor, or sponsor for this physical and social MOVEment for acceptance! Together we are changing the way the world views Down syndrome by creating a more accepting, generous, and kind community! 

The GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge is a physical and social movement for acceptance!

We live in a world where people constantly judge and discriminate against one another. This event challenges people to actively move for the change that we so desperately need! Any type of physical movement can be used as your pledge to help in creating a more accepting world. You can walk, run, jump, swim, ride, lift, play a sport, go to the gym, and more! You can register to participate in any of the GiGi’s Playhouse organized events, or you can register your own event in support of any of our Playhouse locations!

Our Goal:

In an effort to make the world a more accepting place for individuals of all abilities, on June 5th, GiGi’s Playhouse is aiming to unite 1 Million supporters in a physical and social MOVEment for Acceptance! Are you up for the challenge?

How to Participate    

Register and create a personal or team fundraising page!

  • Upon registration you can choose to register as an individual or as a fundraising team. 
  • Registering as an individual will allow you to select which Playhouse location you would like to support. After completing registration, you will now have your own fundraising page. This page will be your hub for all things fundraising. Share the link to this page with friends, family, colleagues, and more. You should reach out to anyone that can help raise awareness and funds for your GiGi’s Playhouse location! 
  • Registering a team, or joining a team will allow you to combine the efforts of many fundraisers to reach the common goal of raising funds and awareness for GiGi’s Playhouse! The best part is that no team can be too big or too small! Share the link to your teams fundraising page and encourage others to register and join you in helping spread the message of global acceptance for all!


Host Your Own Personal Events

  • An awesome new way to raise funds and spread awareness for the Acceptance Challenge is to host your own community events. These community events can be anything that brings people together. It is a way for our supporters and fundraisers to be able to engage with their network in the manner that is most effective and convenient for them!  
  • The community events can take place any time leading up to the Acceptance Challenge on June 5th. We want to include EVERYONE in the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge!
  • To create your own community event, you must register as either a team or individual fundraiser. Once registered, your fundraising page presents you the opportunity to Host a Community Event. Fill in all the details for your event, select “donation required,” then share the link to whomever you want to invite. It’s that simple! Now, go out there and host the best Acceptance Challenge Community Event that you can!


Donate and Spread Awareness!!