Team Archer


The GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge is a physical and social movement for acceptance, bringing people together to MOVE in support of global acceptance for all! Who will you MOVE for?

We believe in GiGi’s Playhouse and its mission to improve the world through global acceptance for all. That’s why we’re MOVING for the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge! Please help us support GiGi’s mission by donating to our team page, joining our team and by sharing their mission to unite the world through acceptance.   

Every movement you make, and every dollar you raise, helps us in moving the world in a more accepting direction! Now let's get movin’!  

Please join my team in this physical and social MOVEment for acceptance, and together we will stay healthy and fit in the name of global acceptance! No one has the ability to shed that little distinction that makes them “different.”  So many people struggle every day to merely be accepted. GiGi’s has a vision of a world that is accepting of all people, regardless of diagnosis, race or sexual orientation. All our differences, all our “otherness" and all our unique abilities will be accepted and encouraged. That’s what we’re all really working toward. At GiGi’s we call this “Generation G,” the pledge to be more accepting, generous and kind.  

GiGi’s Playhouse offers FREE therapeutic and educational programs to help individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community be the best they can be! Help us spread their message of acceptance for all! 

Team Archer