Forward IS a Pace


The GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge is a physical and social movement for acceptance, bringing people together to MOVE in support of global acceptance for all! Who will you MOVE for?

"Forward is a pace" is a phrase that encourages runners to keep moving forward, regardless of the pace, and also applies to children in therapy. It's a reminder that progress is not always linear or swift, but rather a continuous journey of growth and improvement. By embracing this approach, we create a joyful environment that highlights the power of determination and celebrates every step forward, no matter how small.🏅

Pace Pediatric Therapy is hosting this team for the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge because we wholeheartedly believe in GiGi’s Playhouse and its mission of sending a global message of acceptance for all. All individuals with disabilities deserve to feel accepted and included throughout their entire lives. Together we can create a world where our loved ones aren't subjected to bullying, isolation, or being left behind simply because of a diagnosis. 🌎️ 👭👫👬

Gigi's Playhouse will be opening for the first time in Portland, Oregon, hopefully in the late summer of 2024. Donations are not required to attend this event, but appreciated to help support all of the amazing programs and events provided to families for free. You can either choose the free option (Virtual Registration) when signing up, or choose to pay and receive a T-shirt and/or a swag bag at the event! 🎁 👕 🛍️ 

Please join us for this super fun event, and please share with all of your friends, family members, and coworkers! 📞 💻️ ✉️ We would love to have hundreds, if not thousands of people attend and spread love and acceptance as much as possible. 


Thank you for your support!! 💙💛

- The amazing kids, families, friends, and employees of Pace Pediatric Therapy

Forward IS a Pace