GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge 2022
GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge 2022

The GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge is the starting gun to engage in a crusade of unification around the country and the world! This global movement celebrates the uniting of all people no matter their ability, race, gender, belief, religion, nationality, sexual orientation – all diverse categories are celebrated.  


The best way to grow acceptance comes first through exposure and interaction. People with disabilities are often segregated from their peers starting at an early age, and as life goes on, it tends to form a disconnect between those with disabilities and those without. The GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge acts as a bridge that provides exposure, interaction and ultimately understanding to reach our goal of acceptance and inclusion! Will you help us in creating a more accepting and inclusive world for everyone?


The engine driving this movement of acceptance are the 60 GiGi's Playhouses and startups that are hosting in-person events raising over $2,000,000. These events will directly fund acceptance initiatives and over 4,400 hours a week of FREE educational, therapeutic and career building programs that GiGi’s Playhouses provide.

We need to grow our army of acceptance! is our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative helping us to achieve global acceptance in corporate America, schools, and our communities. To learn more, go to and take the pledge of acceptance.  

Last year, more than 275,000 people participated in these events and movement for acceptance, and we expect more than 300,000 will participate in 2022. The GiGi's Playhouse National Office will host a global grand finale on June 12, 2022!


Join in and donate to be a part of the #themoveforacceptance, because every person deserves to be accepted as they are.